In 2016, NIMD will support important policy or legislative reforms and institutional development efforts affecting the state of democracy in Ukraine. Issues such as political party development, capacity building of regional democracy activists, electoral or other important reforms, publishing on democracy as well as supporting and encouraging the greater representation of women and minority groups in politics and political parties of Ukraine will be a priority.

More specifically, NIMD intends to support the discussions on important issues affecting a political system of Ukraine and further explore the needs on how best to address the salient issues of political party development and intra-party democracy, financing of political parties, cost of politics and elections, gender equality and other relevant issues. NIMD will also include civil society organisations in its work and seek to identify best intervention strategies in order to support the consolidation of Ukraine’s democracy further. To support the strengthening and democratization of political parties, NIMD will develop tailor-made seminars and trainings on policy analysis and institutional development as well as support international exchange of knowledge and experience.