State of Women’s Rights in Adjara: The Past, Present and the Future Perspective

974s.pngAuthor: Lela Gaprindashvili, 2016

This publication was commissioned by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy with the financial support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

In addressing the challenges faced by the women, an important step forward is to comprehend the problem not only from the global perspective but also from the standpoint of the particular social groups and regions. To a certain extent, relevant effort is undertaken by the non-governmental organizations which happened to be better developed mostly in the capital. In this light, core of the knowledge and information regarding the state of women’s rights in Georgia is to be found in the organizations based in Tbilisi. The number of organizations working on the women’s issue are fewer in the regions, hence the lack of the cases of cooperation with their counterparts in the capital. Still, however, the certain extent of collaboration ensues.

That being said, this publication is an endeavor to reflect on the state of women’s rights in one of the regions of Georgia, namely Adjara.

See the full version of the publication in Georgian

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