NIMD EEN and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia renew the partnership for 2017

With the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Georgia and Armenia NIMD Eastern European Neighborhood Office will continue to work towards supporting democracy in Georgia. For 2017-2018 years, the existing projects will be retained and the new activities will also be implemented.

Already in its fifth year, is the unique source of electoral programs helping to increase the level of voter information and to make parties more responsible in their electoral programming. It is the primary source of information covering the electoral programs of four consecutive elections. is intended for both voters and other interested audiences, including but not limited to the media, NGOs and academia. For the upcoming local municipality elections in 2017, will offer multiple programs for different candidates from different regions and cities.

Cost of Electoral Programs

For 2017, NIMD takes a one step forward in encouraging more responsible electoral programming in Georgia. Building on relevant Dutch and EU experience, NIMD intends to create the panel of independent experts that will assess the fiscal costs of the electoral programs proposed by mayoral candidates and political parties. The findings will be published in a similarly easily accessible, voter friendly, cross-comparable format as . By launching the cost of electoral program project, NIMD aims to encourage a more responsible policy development by political parties, and to give voters and other interested parties an opportunity to actually compare the feasibility of the programs proposed by the political parties.

Democracy Schools in Georgia

NIMD operates democracy schools in four Georgian cities: Telavi, Gori, Kutaisi and Batumi. The Embassy of the Netherlands will support the work of two NIMD Democracy Schools in Gori and Batumi. Democracy Schools are in-depth, five-month educational program focusing on training and education in the fields of democratic governance, democratic policy and political action.

The future of political party assistance in the Eastern Neighborhood and the Western Balkans

NIMD is taking the lead to co-organize a joint conference to take a broad view of political party aid strategies and approaches in the region. Amid the global retreat of democracy, the development aid providers shall search for the strategies that will pave the way for the improved instruments that are essential in supporting democratic systems, and preventing their erosion, in the Eastern Neighborhood and Western Balkans.

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