Resilient Democracies 2016/2017 Project Launch

Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy is pleased to announce the launch of the new 2016/17 project Resilient Democracies which will be implemented for Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan with support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK Government.

Since 2013, NIMD has supported the confidence and capacity building program in the South Caucasus by training and political education of young politicians. This year NIMD will continue to build on the achievements of the past and will aim further at strengthening ‘communities of democracy’ – political parties, CSOs, and activists to better counter anti-democratic efforts and tendencies, in order to enhance the capacities of young politicians for democratic action.

In the framework of activities aimed at countering anti-democratic propaganda the project will support the three rounds of two-day trainings for young Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian politicians on the issues of how anti-democratic propaganda is organized, how it affects popular perceptions and how to effectively counter the efforts that are designed to distort and undermine democracy and democratic processes. In addition, a multi-lingual website aimed at dispelling anti-democratic myths will be created by the group of project participants from the three countries.

In order to further strengthen democratic actors in the region, NIMD will organize the international Political Innovation Forum to introduce the software applications that have been developed and put to use globally for increasing citizen participation, improving representation in politics and mobilizing public support. Prominent software developers and political scientists from the EU and other regions will present their products and thinking to political parties, NGOs, and citizen activists of the South Caucasus.

To foster practical implementation of the project"s initiatives NIMD will train young trainers from the three countries so that they can themselves work with software applications and spread and share them with their colleagues thus strengthening democratic civil movements and political parties. Finally, the experiences accumulated during the course of the project will be summed up at an annual two-day South Caucasus Forum of Young Politicians in July 2017 in which around 100 participants will take part.

Resilient Democracies project is expected to become another example of an effective and tailor-made initiative which will underpin the trend of successfully implemented democracy assistance projects by NIMD and its partners to sustain and advance confidence and stability in the South Caucasus region.

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