Multiparty Training for Georgian Political Parties

2615122.jpgOn April 23-24, 2015 the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy organized the training for political parties of Georgia on economic aspects of different major contemporary political ideologies. The invited expert, Mr. Bakur Kvashilava specially created a comprehensive module for NIMD, which covers economic (fiscal and monetary) aspects of different major contemporary political ideologies. Mr. Kvashilava is the Yale University graduate and teaches at the Institute of Public Affairs since 2005. In 2007, after the creation of the School of Law and Politics, he became the dean of the school.

The two-day training gathered six political parties including ruling and extra parliamentary parties and aimed at increasing knowledge in economic aspects of different political ideologies. The specially developed module provides a good understanding of how different political ideologies view the role and functioning of governments in the overall and key aspects of economic lives of nations and what are the differences in their views of how market forces affect economies, what role is best for governments to play in such key issues as for example, stimulating and/or regulating economies, generating growth and providing employment, anti-trust, anti-monopoly and competition issues; what are the best policies to address those issues in view of these multiple political ideologies.

Through a series of trainings and workshops, research and consultancy NIMD Political Party Assistance Program supports its partner political parties in strategic planning and aims to assist them to strengthen organizational capacity, institutionalization and internal democracy. While supporting the institutional development of political parties NIMD contributes to the emergence of strong, sustainable political institutions that are fundamental for the emergence and consolidation of multiparty democracies.

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